Sunday, February 9, 2014

Beyond Reach is Beyond Compare

L. J. Bradach’s Beyond Reach is the first book of the highly anticipated Deepview Series, and what a start it is!

This thriller-action adventure kicks off with rescue diver Elizabeth Durst getting more than she bargained for beneath the peaceful blue water. As she’s recovering a body from an undersea cave, a mysterious diver attacks her. Her years of diving experience keep her alive, but she’s left traumatized by her unknown assailant.

Her friends try to convince her it didn’t happen, leaving Elizabeth to wonder – Was it all in her head, or are those she holds close not who they seem? In short order, she decides it’s the latter.

Miles away, brilliant Stiller Coleman makes an incredible discovery – a microbe that extends human life. The clock is ticking for Stiller to find the microbe’s source deep underground. If he doesn’t – Sealine Drugs’ mogul Goren Herwich will stake claim to it, giving him free rein to hold the health of the world’s population hostage.

Stiller needs qualified diving help. In answer to his prayers, he gets that help from Elizabeth, who’s fled from those she’s convinced are out to hurt – or even kill – her.

As the deep-water dive gets underway, Elizabeth’s sense of security begins to erode when crewmembers strangely disappear and Stiller exhibits increasingly unusual abilities. The deeper they plunge into the mysterious world underground, the more Elizabeth is convinced the man she thought was her link to safety also wants her dead.

Beyond Reach is a superb, nail-biting read. Bradach’s solid knowledge of cave diving makes this gripping thriller exquisitely real – to the point I was squirming during the claustrophobic cave scenes. Thanks to her talent for seamless twists and turns, I fell into the inescapable just one more chapter trap that readers relish.

Expertly weaving the insecurities that spring from betrayal, deception, and raw fear with the danger bred by the promise of huge corporate financial gain, Beyond Reach will leave you gasping for air. 

Random Moon’s L. J. Bradach has set the bar high for the next book in this exciting new series. 

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Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Random Howl - Newsletter

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Friday, January 24, 2014

Reviewers Wanted!


Hello Readers! 

We're looking for reviewers to share our stories with in exchange for open and honest reviews.  Help us decide which flyer to circulate 1) Literary Puppy or 2) Book Smart.

Let us know! We appreciate you being here.  And heck, if you want to sign up to join the review team, follow the directions included in either flyer.

Thanks for helping us connect!

RMB Authors

Saturday, January 11, 2014

RMB announces ... new series by R.T. Wolfe!

Raise your hand if you absolutely adored the Black Creek Burning series by R.T. Wolfe.  (I'm raising and waving mine back and forth.)  In Book 3 of that series, you met Nickie Savage, a beautifully mysterious detective who caught the heart of older brother Duncan Reed.  Together, they used each others' special skills and talents to catch bad guys and bring them to justice.

Now, Nickie gets her own series!  And best news, TWO of the books are out already.  The first is a short novella to whet your appetite called Savage Echoes.  What you loved about her and Duncan Reed is back, their "perfect for each other" romance, the way they read each others' minds and their hot love scenes.  Also back is the continuation of Nickie's investigation into a string of forced teenage prostitution rings.

Then, go straight into the full-length Book 1 of the new Nickie Savage series, Savage Deception.  Nickie's truly in rare form!  Strong, saucy, gorgeous, fearless, courageous and fully in love.  Duncan is such a perfect fit for this difficult woman, but he understands her and isn't intimidated or scared away by her kick-ass personality.  They have a connection that is breathtaking to read.  Nickie continues in her passion for helping rescue girls kidnapped into prostitution, and in so doing, solves more mysteries about herself and her painful past.

If you love police dramas and hot love stories, you are in for a treat.  Random Moon Books at their finest in romantic suspense!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Did Someone Say, "Part-ay"?

Son of a nutcracker – the Holidays are here again. A lot of folks enter this time of year full of dread … the hordes of people, the ka-ching of cash registers, the explosion of glitter that sticks to your … everything.
Well, sprinkle extra glitter in your hair and embrace the season with a party or three. It doesn’t have to be fancy, although no one’s stopping you if that’s your thing.
A Great Party
The three primary ingredients for a great party are:
  • Food and drink
  • Music
  • People
Not so hard, right?
FREE Cookbook
Since a fair number of you have commented about easier access to the recipes in A Fool and Her Honey, this seems like the perfect time of year to break out the recipes in a FREE PDF.
You’re welcome.

Now you’ve got bullet point #1 covered.
Katy Lewis

Friday, November 29, 2013

RMB announces a holiday treat... Break a Leg by Laurie Larsen

Just in time for the holidays, Laurie Larsen has released a heartwarming story about love in the Big Apple.


Tony White is a stellar advertising executive at a major New York agency, but his love life is far from a success. Having been dumped by his girlfriend just before Christmas, Tony has little to look forward to in this season of good cheer.


His luck begins to change when he meets talented and ambitious Joss McGee, who is hoping to secure a position with the world famous Radio City Music Hall Rockettes. She’s given up nearly everything to pursue her goal, and romance is a complication she simply doesn’t have time for.


In the midst of his stressful world, Tony discovers that success can mean helping someone else achieve their goal. And as much as Joss wants to be a star, that supreme pinnacle holds little meaning unless you have someone to share it with.


Laurie introduced the character of Tony White in her highly rated novel, Hidden Agenda (available at all e-book outlets.) Tony’s funny, wisecracking personality became a huge hit with fans, so much so that he needed his own storyline. Equally enticing is his new love interest. Joss McGee is not just another pretty face, although she is certainly that too. As a couple, Tony and Joss spark and sizzle. The road to intimacy will not be an easy one; both will have to come to grips with their issues and put forth their best efforts to make the holiday season a happy one.


In Break a Leg, it’s easy to see author Laurie Larsen adores NYC. Her words and descriptions make the enchantment of Time Square at Christmas jump off the page. After you read this story you’ll be searching for airfares—and you’ll want to read more about these exciting new lovers!


Break a Leg is available at all e-book retailers!  Download yours today.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Photo Journal of our Random Moon Books Booksigning Event at the Winery!!

It was a beautiful central Illinois night.  Six authors set up shop in a tent while folks strolled the vineyard grounds sipping wine and socializing.  Random Moon Books' first group booksigning event!!  Take a look ...

 Set up starts...
Our food spread!
 A view from under the authors' tent.  Haybales make comfortable seats for the readings!
 Beautiful basket given to one lucky guest!  Each item relates to a scene in a Random Moon book.
The Random Moon authors:  R.T. Wolfe, Leta Gail Doerr, Laurie Larsen, Katy Lewis, Genevieve Jack and Laurie Bradach!  It was a grand night!